Item Statement % of correct answer (N=84)
1 HIV can be avoiding by using condom.* 72.6
2 HIV can be avoiding by having sex with only one exclusive, uninfected partner.* 60.7
3 Having multiple sex partners are at risk for HIV transmission. 95.2
4 A person can get HIV from mosquito bite.* 69.0
5 A person can get HIV by sharing a meal with someone who is infected.* 56.0
6 A person can get HIV by using the same toilet with PLWHA. 64.3
7 A healthy-looking person can have HIV.* 56.0
8 Having blood test before marriage reduces the risk of HIV transmission. 80.9
9 Sharing the same needles and syringes for intravenous drug use is a risk for HIV transmission. 92.8
10 Anti-retroviral (ARV) drug are available at present. 92.8
11 PLWHA can participate in community activities such as wedding, funerals, etc. 69.0
12 Blood test is the most confirmatory test of HIV infection. 63.1
13 HIV infection is not a heredity disease. 51.2
Table 1: Knowledge on HIV transmission and prevention. *United Nations General Assembly for Special Session (UNGASS) on HIV/ AIDS, 2002. HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus; PLWHA: People Living with HIV/AIDS.
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