Venue Type % ofActivities
Private Businesses
Gyms, restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, malls, Laundromats, beauty, fashion, and film schools, hair and nail salons,barbershops
102 (18%)
Agencies (Non-Governmental)
Religious organizations, homeless shelters, homeless service centers, single resident occupancy hotels, community centers, drug treatment programs, youth centers, non-profit agencies, clinics, HIV service providers
157 (27%)
Agencies (Governmental)
Government low-income housing, employment agencies, Work Source Centers, Social Security Offices, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Social Services,
53 (9%)
Public buses, trains (generally at stops and stations)
44 (7%)
Clubs and Bars
Clubs and bars targeting MSM
30 (5%)
Health fairs, street festivals, free concerts, etc.
56 (9%)
Sex Venues
Adult book stores, spas, cruising spots, bathhouses
26 (4%)
Street Outreach
Sidewalks, street corners, college campuses, the beach, parks
122 (21%)
Table 1: Distribution of Field Staff Outreach and Recruitment Efforts.
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