Figure 2: (a, b, c, d &e): Trends of specific mutations and exposure to ARV’s among adult HIV+ patients with treatment failure.
Figure 2a. Exposure to AZT* (azt; azt+3TC; azt+3TC+ABC), d4T, ddI, abacavir **(ABC; ABC+3TC) and prevalence of TAMs mutations.
Figure 2b. Exposure to 3TC, FTC and prevalence of M184V mutation
Figure 2c. Exposure to TDF+ddI and prevalence of K65R mutation
Figure 2d. Exposure to nevirapine and efavirenz and prevalence of K103N, V108I, Y181C/I and G190A mutations
Figure 2e. Exposure to PIs and prevalence of L90M, M46I/L, V82A/F/T/S and I84V mutations.