Figure 2: Incorporation of palmitoylated CCR5-peptidomimetics into magnetic liposomes. Peptidoliposomes were generated in the presence of increasing concentrations (molar %) of NT-2Y-CCR5-PAL (A) or ECL2-CCR5- 2PAL (B) in the lipid mixture. Peptidoliposomes were reacted with anti-CCR5 N-terminus polyclonal antibody (ab 7346, Abcam) (A) or with anti-CCR5 ECL2 (raised against a synthetic peptide 2D7-2SK [42]) polyclonal antibody (ab 36818, Abcam) followed by a secondary HRP-conjugated antibody (ab 7090, Abcam) (B) and analyzed as described in the Experimental Procedures. Control – magnetic liposomes that did not display peptides. The data are mean ± S.E.M calculated from three independent experiments performed in triplicate.