Figure 4: Interaction of peptidoliposomes with soluble gp120. Peptidoliposomes were incubated with 4 μM soluble recombinant His-tagged gp120 for 1 h at 37 ºC and the binding was assessed as described in the Experimental Procedures. Mimetics used: mCD4: CD4M48P1-PAL (1%); mCCR5-Nt: NT-2Y-CCR5-PAL (1%); mCCR5-ECL2: ECL2-CCR5-2PAL (1%); mCCR5-Nt-3FSN: NT-3FSN-CCR5-PAL (1%); sCD4: CD4M48 peptide (10 μM) [15]. Control – magnetic liposomes that did not display peptides. p < 0.05. The data are mean ± S.E.M calculated from three independent experiments performed in triplicate.
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