Figure 5: Inhibition of HIV-1 infectivity by peptidoliposomes. TZM-Hela- β-gal target cells were infected with CCR5-tropic JFRL-pseudotyped HIV-1 that was incubated for 2 h with (A) CCR5-Beads – peptidoliposomes containing 5% each of NT-3FSN-CCR5-PAL and ECL2-CCR5-2PAL or (CD4+CCR5)-Beads – peptidoliposomes containing 5% each of CD4M48P1-PAL, ECL2-CCR5- 2PAL and NT-3FSN-CCR5-PAL; (B) CCR5-Beads and different concentrations of sCD4, as described in the Experimental Procedures. Magnetic liposomes displaying no peptides (Empty Beads) were used as control (set to 100 % infectivity). Infection was performed for 4 h. following by the removal of virus containing media, washing with PBS and supplementing cells with a complete fresh growth media. β-gal expression was carried out 48 h post infection according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Promega). p< 0.05. The data are mean ± S.E.M calculated from three independent experiments performed in duplicates.
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