Statistics Measurement
Pairwise Kappa coefficients and 95% CI* Agreement
      VLP16-ELISA vs. NA-HPV16 0.05 (-0.14, 0.24)
      VLP18-ELISA vs. NA-HPV18 0.06 (-0.09, 0.22)
      VLP16-ELISA vs. NA-PsV16 0.06 (-0.14, 0.26)
      VLP18-ELISA vs. NA-PsV18 0.09 (-0.12, 0.31)
      NA-HPV16 vs. NA-PsV16 0.14 (-0.04, 0.31)
      NA-HPV18 vs. NA-PsV18 0.29 (0.11, 0.46)
Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC)** Consistency
      VLP16-ELISA, NA-HPV16, NA-PsV16 ICC=0.09
      VLP18-ELISA, NA-HPV18, NA-PsV18 ICC=0.18
*Kappa coefficients are used to assess the degree of agreement between the tests. Kappa value ranges from 0 or <0 (a lack of agreement or a purely random coincidence) to 1 (a perfect agreement).
**Intraclass correlation coefficients are used to measure the consistency of the results between the tests and to distinguish the results that could be highly correlated but with little agreement. The range of ICC is between 0 (no consistency) and 1 (perfect consistency).
Table 3: Agreement and consistency of the results between the 3 assays.
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