Figure 5: Antimicrobial peptides inhibit TLR4 signalling pathways.
(A) Hela cells were transfected with NF-kB-luciferase construct along with CD14 and MD2. Renila lucifearse was used as transfection control. Cells were pre-treatedwith different anti microbial peptides (10ug/ml) for 1 hour and luciferase assay was performed after 8 hours of LPS treatment. Graph shows fold changes of fireflyluciferase activities compared to the unstimulated cells and normalized against renilla luciferase activities (data represent mean ± SD values of two independentexperiments analysed by Mann-Whitney U test). (B, C) THP1 cells were stimulated with LPS (200ng/ml) with or without pre-treatment of hBD3 (10ug/ml) for 1hr.Activation of MAPKs, SYK and TBK was analyzed by the phosphorylation of the kinases and NF-kB activation was studied by the degradation of IkBα using western blots. Data are representative of one of the three independent experiments.