Place of solicitation Not using cell phone for solicitation (N=4266) Using cell phone for solicitation (N=1232)
  % (n) % (n)
Home-based1 25.6 (1091) 20.8 (256)
Street-based2 69.6 (2969) 18.1 (223)
Brothel-based3 32.2 (1375) 8.4 (104)
Lodge-based4 33.7 (1439) 14.0 (173)
1Home-based sites include client’s home, rented room and own home.
2Street-based sites include on the road sites, railway station/bus stands, market areas, cinema halls, labor nakas and vehicles.
3Brothel-based sites include brothels and bar/night clubs.
4Lodge-based sites include hotels, lodges and dhabas.
Table 1: Distribution of FSWs’ typology of sex work by use of cell phone for solicitation.
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