The gel itself, it seems like I would put it in and it would leak back out and then ….most of it would leak back out and rest would leak out very slowly or I don’t know if my body was trying to flush it our or what but I had a lot of leakage.

Even on day 10 when I was really frustrated with it, and then I was thinking if this was my only way to prevent HIV, “would I do it anyway?”

 If they had to use [a panty liner] every day…if…you only had to wear one after you applied [the gel], or after you had sex but I could see a problem with having to wear one every day.


I hated [the scent]. I could smell it even during the day and I didn’t like it so I would change the scent.


I thought that maybe [gel] was going to fill up the [applicator] and…and I couldn’t figure that out.

I was not sure if [the applicator] was in all the way. It did not seem that I was using it as some type of protection and it didn’t seem that it was up against the cervix or that the gel was reaching the cervix.

Sexual Enhancement

My partner and I…use condoms because I didn’t want [anymore] more children.  So the gel just made the condoms more fun.  [My partner] said he felt like he had more sensation with the gel.  I think if it is promoted, if it’s advertised as almost a sexual enhancement, I think it would probably be more wide spread

Sexual Limitations

As far as sexually, you couldn’t have oral sex so that was a turn off. 

…no using your hands, no mouth, nothing thing.  Like for us it was very serious issue because generally I favor those things

Insertion Timing

Timing issues could be a little awkward especially if sex is not plan

[The timing] wasn’t that bad, especially since it was only for a couple of weeks. So that was okay. But if it had to be everyday, all the time, then I would have a problem with it.

Difficulty with Study Regimen

…if [the gel] had to be [inserted] everyday, all the time, then I would have a problem with it.

…it depended on the conditions that you were using [the gel]…but someone like me, [inserting the gel] was a chore.

Partner Response

…in the beginning. But when I explained it to him like Jane explained it to me, he was okay with it when I gave him more understanding of what was the purpose and all that. He just wanted to know more about it.

Table 3: Qualitative Themes and Quotations.
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