Study (Active Product) Population Sample Size Country Overall Adherence Levels and Method of Measurement Efficacy Results Point Estimate; 95% CIs; and P-Value
CAPRISA 004[33] (Tenofovir 1% gel) Heterosexual women N= 889 South Africa 70% by monthly count of product application divided by number of reported sex acts 39% (6-60); P=0.017
iPrEx [34] (FTC/TDF) MSM and transgender women who have sex with men N=2499 Peru, Equator, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, USA 95% by self-report; 89-95% by pill count; 54% by drug concentrations/PBMC 44% (15-63); P=0.005
TDF2 Study[37] (FTC/TDF) Heterosexual men and women N=1200 Botswana  84%; Monthly pill count 62% (20-82); P=0.026
Partners for PrEP[38] (TDF or FTC/TDF) Heterosexual couples N=4758 Uganda, Kenya 95%; Monthly self-report, pill count and drug concentrations 67% (29-85); P=0.01 TDF alone 55% (4-79); P=0.001  FTC/TDF
FEM-PrEP[35] Heterosexual women N=2120 Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania 95% by self-report; 85% by pill count; 40% and 30% by drug concentration in the overall population and among those who received the active drug, respectively Stopped for futility
MTN-003[36] (VOICE) Heterosexual women N=5029 Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa Adherence levels by monthly self-report, pill count and drug concentration not available Stopped for futility for TDF and TDF gel; Ongoing for FTC/TDF
Table 1: PrEP Trials Efficacy Results and Levels of Adherence.
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