Patient ID ART regimen Started Months Viral Load NRTI Resistance Mutations affecting susceptibility NNRTI Resistance Mutations affecting susceptibility
206 ZDV+3TC+NVP 36 1.24E+05 V75M, V118I, M184V, L210W, T215Y K101E, Y181C, G190A
208 D4T30+3TC+NVP 36 6.78E+04 V118I, M184V, L210W, T215Y A98G, K101A, G190A
210 D4T+3TC+NVP 46 6.20E+04 F116Y, Q151M, M184V, L210W, T215Y K103N
211 ZDV+3TC+EFV 35 9.47E+04 M184V, T215Y K103N, Y181C, H221Y
214 D4T+3TC+NVP 25 4.82E+05 L74V, M184V, T215Y A98G, K101E, Y181C, G190A
217 D4T+3TC+NVP 45 8.61E+05   V90I, Y181C, G190A
218 D4T+3TC+NVP 42 1.92E+05 V118I, M184V, L210S, T215Y A98G, K101E, G190A
221 D4T30+3TC+NVP 29 4.01E+04 M184V, K219Q G190A
222 ZDV+3TC+NVP 51 4.55E+05 M184V, L210W, T215Y V106A
223 D4T+3TC+NVP 41 1.83E+06 L74I, M184V, T215F V90I, K103N, V108I, V179F, Y181C, H221Y
228 ZDV+3TC+EFV 82 1.74E+04 M184V A98G, K103N
229 D4T+3TC+NVP 42 2.46E+05 V75M, V118I, M184V, L210W, T215Y A98G, K101E, G190A
230 D4T+3TC+NVP 45 1.79E+04 M184V, T215Y K103N, E138Q
Table 2: Genotypic resistance results in 13 patients on first line of ART treatment with virological failures (HIV-1 RNA> 1000 copies/ml).