image Mice were immunized with wild type gp120 (wt) or immune complexes containing wild type gp120LAI (wt) and anti-CD4-binding site mAb 654-D. Immunization was performed by intraperitoneal injections, 3 times at 2-week intervals, with MPL/DDA adjuvant [55]. Immune complexes made of mutant gp120 (N448Q or N448E) and mAb 654-D were also tested [55]. In addition, three groups of mice received intramuscular injections of DNA plasmids encoding wild type or mutant gp120 followed with subcutaneous boosts with the corresponding gp120 proteins in QS21 adjuvant (DNA/P) [55]. Two weeks after the last immunization, serum neutralizing activities were measured against pseudotyped HIV-1 bearing the homologous LAI Env in TZM-bl target cells. The bars in each group represent data from serum serially diluted three fold starting from 1:50. Means and standard deviations from duplicate wells are shown.
Figure 2: Neutralizing antibody response elicited by uncomplexed gp120 versus gp120/mAb complexes
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