image Mice were immunized with gp120LAI or gp120JRFL complexed with mAb 654-D in the presence of MPL/DDA adjuvant. Sera collected at two weeks after the last immunization was serially diluted and tested in ELISA for reactivity with different V3 peptides (A). Means and standard deviations of OD405 values from duplicate wells are shown. The mean OD405 values for mice immunized with uncomplexed gp120s were all <0.5 (data not shown) [40,55]. Amino acid sequences of V3LAI and V3 of consensus B and other subtype B isolates are shown below the graphs, with red letters marking differences between V3 LAI and the other V3 sequences. The same sera were also tested in neutralization assays with cells (B). Neutralization of pseudovirus bearing different Env by immune sera. Means and standard deviation from two independent experiments are shown. Dotted lines indicate the 50% cut off for positive/negative neutralization.
Figure 3: Complementary patterns of binding and neutralizing anti-V3 Abs generated by immune complexes made with gp120LAI versus gp120JRFL
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