Figure 4: A. suum eggs and D. pteronyssinus extract affected the lungs, liver and intestines of BALB/c mice (400x magnification). A-C: Lungs, liver and small intestines of group 1 mice. D-R: Lungs, liver and intestines of group 2 (D-F), 3 (G-I), 4 (J-L), 5 (M-O), 6 (P-R). S: Levels of eosinophilia, edema and cell damage in the lungs; gross pathology, cellular infiltrate and necrosis in the liver; and morphological damage in the intestines were scored. Scores are presented as mean ± SD, n=3. Pictures shown are from single mice per group and are representative of all mice examined in a group. Arrows indicate important pathological changes in the tissues such as congestion with neutrophilic infiltrates (D, J, M, P), focal hyperplastic changes (F), mild inflammation (G), atypia with lymphocytic infiltrates (H), atypia with lymphocytic infiltrates (K), atrophic villi (L), hyperplastic changes (N), hypertrophied villi (O), and focal microsteatosis (Q).
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