Figure 1: Asthmatic bronchial lesions of a late asthma model mouse (A). Desquamated epithelial cells and mucusin the bronchial lumens (Lu). Goblet cell metaplasia (B) from Clara cells (black arrows) with secretory granules and ciliated cells (white arrow). Ciliated cells contain mucin and secretory granules (black starmark). Basal cells locate adjacent to basement membrane and are present in the areas of immature Clara cells where infiltration of many eosinophils with lymphocytes (C). Dendritic-like cells (white star mark and arrows indicate cytoplasmic process in rectangle of (D) and mitosis of basal cells (white circle) can be seen. BC: Basal Cell, E: Eosinophils; L: Lymphocyte; A: PAS; D: TB.
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