Figure 1: Dosage scheme for updosing with specific immunotherapy (SCIT). Patients started SCIT intra-seasonally and were stratified according to a start up to the peak of the grass pollen season ‘up to peak GPS’ (with increasing pollen exposure) or ‘after peak GPS’ (with declining pollen exposure). As peak season 15 July was defined for GPS 2009 in Germany. Patients were scheduled to be up-dosed to a dose of 10,000 SQ-U with 1-3 day intervals. Treatment was continued with subsequent injections of 10.000 SQ-U (plateau phase) until the end of GPS. After the end of GPS up-dosing was continued to 100.000 SQ-U using 7-14 day intervals as maintenance dose for the intended 3 years course of SCIT.
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