Name of the allergen Family Biological function Molecular weight Other isoforms
Fag e 1 13S Globulin Legumin-like protein 24 kDa Fag e 1.0101
Fag e 2 2S Albumin 2S Albumin 16 kDa Fag e 2.0101
Fag e 3 7S Vicilin 7S Vicilin-like globulin 19 kDa Fag e 3.0101
Fag e 10kD Alpha-amylase/Trypsin inhibitor Alpha-amylase/Trypsin inhibitor 10 kDa  
Fag e TI Trypsin inhibitor Trypsin inhibitor 7 kDa  
Table 1: Main buckwheat allergens and their characteristics.