Figure 1: Airway physiology measurements in C57BL/6 and Mindin -/- mice after saline or FAP C57BL/6 and Mindin-/- mice were exposed to saline or FAP every 4 days for a total of five exposures. The mice were then assessed for airway hyperresponsiveness to escalating doses of methacholine. Saline exposed C57BL/6 (dotted box) and Mindin-/- (shaded box) mice demonstrated no difference in response to methacholine. C57BL/6 mice exposed to FAP (closed box) had a significant increase in AHR as compared to saline controls. This effect was reduced in the Mindin -/- mice exposed to FAP (open box). (*P<0.05 between C57BL/6 saline and FAP exposed and C57BL/6 and Mindin-/- FAP exposed mice, N=6, representative of two experiments).
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