Figure 4: AHR following LPS aerosol exposure Total airway resistance (RT) of wild type (WT LPS) and cav-1-/- (cav-1-/- LPS) mice to increasing doses of aerosolized Mch was measured using the flexi- Vent 4 hours after the initiation of LPS aerosol exposure. As a control, WT (WT sham) and cav-1-/- mice (cav-1-/- sham) were exposed to aerosolized PBS (***, p < 0.001 WT LPS vs. cav-1-/- LPS and cav-1-/- LPS vs. cav-1-/- sham, *, p < 0.05 cav-1-/- LPS vs. cav-1-/- sham, n = 12 - 15).
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