Figure 6: AHR in WT and cav-1-/- mice following treatment with 1400W and LPS exposure Total airway resistance (RT) was measured as before in WT and cav-1-/- mice treated with saline or LPS (WT sham, cav-1-/- sham, WT LPS, cav-1-/- LPS) and the same trends were observed as were reported in Figure 3. In addition, RT of wild type (WT LPS 1400W) and cav-1-/- (cav-1-/- LPS 1400W) mice to increasing doses of aerosolized Mch was measured using the flexiVent 4 hours after the initiation of LPS aerosol exposure and IP administration of the iNOS specific inhibitor, 1400W. As a control, WT (WT sham 1400W) and cav-1-/- mice (cav-1-/- sham 1400W) were exposed to aerosolized PBS and were given IP injections of 1400W (***, p < 0.001 cav-1-/- LPS + 1400W vs. cav-1-/- LPS, cav-1-/- LPS + 1400W and WT LPS + 1400W, and WT LPS vs. WT LPS + 1400W, **, p < 0.01 cav-1-/- sal + 1400W vs. cav-1-/- saline, *, p < 0.05 cav-1-/- LPS + 1400W vs. WT LPS + 1400W, n = 6 - 11).