Foods Cosmetics Drugs
Apricots Cider Lemon juice Shrimp (uncooked) Hair colours and bleaches
Hair sprays
Antiemhorroidal cream
Avocados Corn sweeteners Maraschino cherries Some fruit drinks Skin fading/lighteners, false tan lotions Hydrocortisone cream
Baked products Dried fruits Mushrooms Vegetable wrapped in cellophane Antiageing creams and moisturizers Trimovate
Beer Food starches Potatoes Vinegar Facial cleansers
Body washes/cleansers
Beet sugar Fresh fruits Raisins Vitamin K3 metabisulfite Around-eye creams Lidocaine
Canned seafood Gelatin Salads (especially in restaurants) Wine Perfumes, blush Antibiotics
Canned soups Grapes (grape juice) Sausage meats Food preservatives Bronzers/highlighters Various anesthetics
Table 1: Sulfite-containing foods and drugs.
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