Indications for subcutaneous immunotherapy

Indications for sublingual immunotherapy

Patients with symptoms induced predominantly by allergen exposure

Carefully selected patients with rhinitis, conjunctivitis and/or asthma caused by pollen and mite allergy

Patients with a prolonged season or with symptoms induced by succeeding pollen seasons

Patients insufficiently controlled by conventional pharmacotherapy

Patients with rhinitis and symptoms from lower airways during peak allergen exposure

Patients who have presented with systemic reactions during injection-specific immunotherapy

Patients in whom antihistamines and moderate dose topical glucocorticoids insufficiency control symptoms

Patients showing poor compliance with or refusing injections

Patients who do not want to be on constant or long-term pharmacotherapy


Patients in whom pharmacotherapy induces undesirable side-effects


Table 1: Indications for SCIT and SLIT (taken from ARIA guidelines 2008)