N P (BW1) P (Experimental round) Model
SGR 20 0.001 0.041 SGR=2.49-0.45∙lnW
TGC 20 0.015 0.040 TGC=0.97-0.15∙lnW
Feed intake 20 0.005 0.136 FI=2.14-0.32∙lnW
DEN 20 0.019 0.079 DEN=1.70+5.41∙lnW
Table 4: General linear model analyses (GLM, type III, unbalanced ANOVA) and regression analysis of the effect of average body weight (BW) and experimental round (1 and 2) on growth (SGR and TGC), feed intake (% of BW) and energy requirement (DEN, kJ DE∙g-1) of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis) from the body size study. In the table is number of replicates, P- values and the resulting linear models for growth rates, feed intake and energy requirements demonstrated. W represents the weight of the fish.
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