Month Physical Parameter
  Temperature (°C) SEM Salinity (g/L) SEM pH SEM Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) SEM Total Dissolved Solids (g/L) SEM
March 33.3011a ±0.1411 31.1300a ±0.0201 8.47a ±0.3018 11.2988a ±0.4108 31.2733a ±0.0029
July 30.8433b ±0.0145 31.0444b ±0.1108 8.04b ±0.0366 11.2567b ±0.1183 31.2567b ±0.0044
November 30.2167c ±0.0203 29.4933c ±0.1513 7.93c ±0.0107 10.5900c ±0.3341 31.0867c ±0.0096
Data represent means of 3 replicates. In each column values with the same letters are not significantly different with Duncan (p= 0.05%). SEM represents standard mean error
Table 1: shows the environmental parameter values recorded in the survey for H. leucospilota in PD from March to November, 2010.
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