% Replacing fishmeal protein    P
            0        25         50         75  
Crude protein 571.53±1.72b 582.17±2.78a 566.43±3.61b 566.27±3.97b 0.001
Crude lipid 249.90±1.73c 246.23±4.02c 287.57±3.17a 281.23±1.08b 0.000
Ash 138.23±2.58ab 135.53±3.02b 134.83±2.75b 143.57±3.60a 0.028
Ca 46.33±0.37b 46.90±0.70b 45.83±0.60b 50.93±0.61a 0.000
Mg 1.60±0.00b 1.63±0.06b 1.47±0.06c 1.83±0.06a 0.000
P 23.43±0.30b 23.80±0.26b 22.80±0.26c 25.37±0.20a 0.000
Fe 0.40±0.04d 0.66±0.07c 1.29±0.09a 0.79±0.04b 0.000
Zn 0.55±0.02c 0.72±0.03a 0.63±0.02b 0.66±0.02b 0.000
Cu 0.083±0.006c 0.060±0.000d 0.010±0.000a 0.090±0.000b 0.000
Mn 0.050±0.000b 0.060±0.000a 0.040±0.000c 0.053±0.0006b 0.000
Ca/P ratio 1.98±0.03a 1.97±0.01a 2.01±0.01a 2.01±0.03a 0.141
* Means with same superscript in each row are insignificantly different (P > 0.05)
Table 4: Whole body proximate composition and minerals of Asian sea bass fed test diets (g Kg-1, dry basis). *
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