Feeds In 4th week 8th week 12th week
F1 2.6±0.03a 4.8±0.2b 12.1±0.7b 18.6±1.4c
F2 2.3±0.02b 4.2±0.3a 12.5±0.5b 19.7±1.6c
F3 2.2±0.02b 5.2±0.1c 12.4±0.4b 19.9±1.4c
F4 2.2±0.009b 4.3±0.2a 11.1±0.3c 14.6±1.2b
F5 2.3±0.01b 4.8±0.09b 11.4±0.6c 14.9±0.4b
F6 2.4±0.008a 5.2±0.07c 12.2±0.3b 13.9±0.9a
F7 (control) 2.6±0.03a 4.3±0.1a 8.3±0.4a 13.1±1.8a
Same alphabet in superscript in a column represents no significant difference in weight gain. P < 0.05. The results are of triplicate sets of feeding trial. Values = mean + SE
Table 3: Growth of Clarias batrachus fingerling reared for 12 weeks.
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