Parameter Shrimp cultivation condition
  Without Spirulina mat With Spirulina mat
Water quality    
- TAN accumulation rate (mg-N L-1 day-1) 6.35 4.28
- Nitrate accumulation rate (mg-N L-1 day-1) 17.07 25.20
- Exchanged water (L) 75 45
Shrimp quality    
- PL length (mm) 8.69±0.29a 9.81±0.47b
- Specific growth rate (mm day-1) 0.44 0.55
- Survival rate (%) 61.32 ± 4.38a 72.32 ± 5.18b
Means within each set with different superscripts are significantly different (P<0.05). The experiment was done in ten sets/replicates. The analysis of each set was in triplicates. The values shown are the means of ten replicates ± standard deviation.
Table 1: Quality of water and shrimp PL co-cultivated with and without Spirulina mats over a ten-day period, along with their survival rates.
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