Band Affiliation Similarity (%) Taxon Accession Number
H1 Uncultured Firmicute 98 Firmicute HQ 219323
H2, S1, C1 Nitrosomonas marina 96 β-proteobacteria HQ 219324
H3, S2, C2 Uncultured Flavobacteriales bacterium clone FX 96 Bacteriodetes HQ 219325
H4, S5, C5 Pseudomonas sp. ITRI66 98 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219328
H5 Marine bacteriumSIMO-2515 98 α-proteobacteria HQ 219318
H6 Uncultured Enterobacter sp. clone CA01014H02 97 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219319
H7, S7 Spirulina  platensis 98 Cyanobacteria HQ 219314
H8 Uncultured Flavobacteriaceae bacterium clone A1905 97 Bacteriodetes HQ 219320
H9 Sphingomonas sp. PC5.28 96 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219312
H10, S10, C7 Fusobacterium ulcerans strain KCTC5932 98 α-proteobacteria HQ 219330
H11, S12, C8 Exiguobacteriumarabatum 95 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219331
H12, S13, C9 Exiguobacteriumarabatum 95 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219332
H13 Marine bacterium30ORI8 98 Bacteriodetes HQ 219321
H14 Marine bacterium30ORI8 98 Bacteriodetes HQ 219322
S3, C3 Nitrobacter winogradskyi 96 α-proteobacteria HQ 219326
S4, C4 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia 98 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219327
S6 Unculturedbacteriumclone SWB23 98 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219313
S8 Uncultured Bacteroidetes bacterium clone CC85 98 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219315
S9 Vibrio sp.MSSRF64 97 γ-proteobacteria HQ 219329
S11 Klebsiellasp. NAP_L 95 γ -proteobacteria HQ 219317
C6 Vibrio sp. UST061013-028 95 γ -proteobacteria JN 171846
C10, C11 UnculturedbacteriumFX6F 97 γ -proteobacteria JN 171847
C12 Vibrio sp. P047C 95 γ-proteobacteria JN 171848
C13, C14 Aeromonas bivalvium strain 665N 93 γ-proteobacteria JN 171849
C16 Cytophaga sp. 97 Bacteriodetes JN 171850
C19 Epsilon proteobacterium 96 Proteobacteria JN 171851
Remark: H: shrimp larvae cultivated in communities with Spirulina mats; C: shrimp larvae cultivated in communities without Spirulina mats; S on the Spirulina mats.
Table 2: The partial 16S rRNA gene sequences of EUB domain and organisms with the best- matching sequences determined by BLAST searches.
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