Growth parameters Experimental diets
0% JCKM 10% JCKM 20% JCKM 30% JCKM 40% JCKM
Initial body weight (g fish-1) 2.3a 2.4a 2.3a 2.4a 2.4a
Initial body length (cm) 5.3a 5.4a 5.3a 5.3a 5.3a
Final body weight (g fish-1) 27.5a 24.9a 18.6b 15.7b 12.3c
Body weight gain (g fish-1) 25.2a 22.5b 16.3c 13.4d 9.9e
Final body length (cm) 12.9a 12.0ab 11.2bc 10.2cd 9.3d
Specific growth rate (% day-1 fish-1) 4.1a 3.9b 3.5c 3.2d 2.7e
Feed conversion ratio 2.2a 2.4a 3.1b 3.9c 5.9d
Feeding efficiency 0.46a 0.42a 0.32b 0.26c 0.17d
Fulton condition factor 1.17a 1.32b 1.16a 1.25c 1.22c
Survival rate (%) 90a 90a 70b 40c 30d
*Mean values in the same row having the same letters are not significantly different
Table 2: Mean values of performance and survival rate of juvenile Nile tilapia fed different proportion of heat treated Jatropha curcas Kernel Meal (JCKM).
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