Figure 4: Loading plots to explain cluster analysis and dendrogram analysis. Band assignment, 1695 cm-1: amide I band component; 1655 cm-1: amide I of α-helical structures;1620 cm-1: stretching base carbonyl and ring breathing mode of nucleic acid; 1592 cm-1: C=N, NH2 adenine; 1525 cm-1: amide II (1550- 1515); 1487 cm-1: C=C, deformation C-H of amide II; 1469 cm-1: CH2 bending of the acyl chains (phospholipids); 1430 cm-1: δ (CH2) of polysaccharide; 1399 cm-1: symmetric CH3 bending modes of the methyl groups of proteins; 1205 cm-1: C-O-C, C-O dominated by the ring vibrations of polysaccharides C-O-P, P-O-P; 1172/1173 cm-1: CO stretching of the C-OH groups of serine, threonine, & tyrosine in the cell proteins as well as carbohydrates.
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