Component Species Gene name Accession number Tissues: variation at transcription level References
        Response to bacteria Response to WSSV  
Toll L. vannamei LvToll DQ923424.1 G: up G: up [22]
  L. vannamei LvToll2 JN180637.1 G: none G: up [25]
  L. vannamei LvToll3 JN180638.1 G: none G: up [25]
  F. chinensis FcToll EF407561.1 L: modulated L: down [125]
  M.japonicus MjToll1 BAF99007 / / [28]
  M.japonicus MjToll2 BAG68890 / / Unpublished
Spätzle L. vannamei LvSpz1 JN180646.1 G: up G: up [25]
  L. vannamei LvSpz2 JN180647.1 G: down G: none [25]
  L. vannamei LvSpz3 JN180648.1 G: up G: up [25]
  F. chinensis Fc-Spz / G, Hc, Hp, I, G, Hc, Hp, I, [31]
Ht:up  Ht: up
Pelle L. vannamei LvPelle JN180645.1 G:none; G: up; [1]
I:down;  Hp, I: down
TRAF6 L. vannamei LvTRAF6 HM581680.1 G, Hp: none; G, Hp: up; [36]
 I: down I: down
Dorsal L. vannamei LvDorsal FJ998202.1 / / [39]
  F. chinensis FcDorsal EU815056.1 L, Hc: up L, Hc: [38]
SARM L. vannamei LvSARM JN185615. I, Hp: none; I, Hp: none; [46]
G: up; G, Hc: up;
Tillip L. vannamei LvTillip JN185616 I, Hc: down; Hp: none;  [47]
 Hp:none;  G, Hc, I: up;
IMD L. vannamei LvIMD FJ592176.1 Hc, Hp: up; Hp, G: none; [50]
 G: none Hc: up
Relish L. vannamei LvRelish FJ416145.1 / / [54]
  L. vannamei sLvRelish FJ416146.1 / /
  F. chinensis FcRelish EU815055.1 Hc: down; Hc: modulate; [53]
L:modulated  L: up
IKK L. vannamei LvIKKβ AEK86518 I, G, Hp: up I, G: up [55]
  L. vannamei LvIKKε AEK86519 G, Hp: up; G, Hp, Hc: up
 Hc: dowm;
 I: modulated
STAT L. vannamei LvSTAT HQ228176 / / [57]
  P. monodon PmSTAT(L) EU367985 / / Unpublished
  P. monodon PmSTAT AY327491 / Ce: down [2]
  M.japonicus MjSTAT AB501344 / / Unpublished
P38 L. vannamei Lvp38 JX990130 G: up / [78]
Dicer1 L. vannamei LvDcr1 EU676241 / Hc, G: up [69]
  P. monodon PmDcr1 EF446324 / Hl: none [68]
  M.japonicus MjDcr1 GU265733 / / Unpublished
Dicer2 L. vannamei LvDcr2 HQ541163 / G: up [70]
  P. monodon PmDcr2 JX624789 Hp: up Hp: up [71]
  M.japonicus MjDicer2 AFB82635 / / Unpublished
Ago L. vannamei Lv-Ago1 ADK25180.1 / / [126]
  P. monodon PmAgo1 DQ663629 / / [65]
  M.japonicus MjAgo1A FJ593185 / L, Hp: up [64]
  M.japonicus MjAgo1B FJ593186 / L, Hp: up [64]
  M.japonicus MjAgo1C JX170715 / / [64]
  L. vannamei Lv-Ago2 HM234690.1 / / [126]
  P. monodon PmAgo3 JX845575 / / [65]
TRBP F. chinensis Fc-TRBP1 EU679001 Hc, S, G, I, Ht, G, I: up; [72]
Ht, Hp: up;  Hc, Hp:down
  F. chinensis Fc-TRBP2 EU679001.1 Hc, S, G, I, Ht, G, I: up; [72]
Ht, Hp: up; Hc, Hp: down
  F. chinensis Fc-TRBP3 FJ573168.1 Hc, S, G, I, Ht, G, I: up; [72]
 Ht, Hp: up; Hc, Hp: down
  L. vannamei LvTRBP1 HQ541157 / / [70]
  L. vannamei LvTRBP2 / / / Unpublished
  L. vannamei LvTRBP3 / / / Unpublished
  P. monodon PmTRBP1 JX465430 Hp: up Hp: up [74]
Drosha M.japonicus MjDrosha JQ918355 / L: up [127]
Ars2 L. vannamei LvArs2 HQ692888 / / [76]
Pasha L. vannamei LvPasha HQ692889 / / [76]
SID1 L. vannamei Lv-SID1 HM234688.1 / / [126]
Note: Ce, Cephalothoraces; G, gill; Hp, hepatopancreas; Hc, hemocytes; Ht, heart; Hl, Hemolymph; I, intestine; L, lymphoid organ; M, muscle; S, stomach; up, differentially up-regulated; down, differentially down-regulated; modulated, different regulation trends at different post-infection time; none, no obvious difference; /, not available
Table 1: P38 mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs).
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