S.O.V d.f. S.S. MSS F. Ratio
Between diets 5 62.56873 12.51375 65535 NS
Within diets 0 0 65535  
Total 5 62.56873    
NS=Non-significant (P>0.05); *=Significant (P<0.05); **=Highly significant (P<0.01) The statistical analysis of the above mentioned results (Tables 3-7) showed nonsignificant variations among all experimental diets while Figure 1 and 6 indicated the highest digestibility of dry matter in T1 and T6 (7%) within diets while figure 4 depicted the maximum ash consumption in T4 (12%) with different test diets. Crude protein was highest (38%) in T2 as shown in Figure 2 whereas crude fat and gross energy were maximum digestible by T3 (52% and 19%) as shown in Figure 3 [16].
Table 7: Analysis of variance for gross energy digestibility (%) of test diets.
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