hematoxylin-eosin. A.Initial immature female’s gonad. B. The gonad of female that fed with incorrect 0.24% ARA diet for 45days. C. The gonad of the female that fed high incorrect 0.39% ARA diet for 45 days. D.Ovary at 75 days fed with correct 0.24% ARA diet (x40). E.Ovary at 75 days fed with correct 0.39% ARA diet (x40) andF.Female gonad at 95 days fed with 0.39% ARA diet.
Figure 7 : Gonadal somatic index of opihi C. sandwicensis fed various ARA diets. a,bdifferent letters indicate significantly difference in mean GSI (n=3) of opihi within the same date of sampling.
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