NO2-N (mg l-1) Ht (%) Total Hb (mg dl-1) TEC (x106 µl-1) TLC (x106 mm-3) TPP (g dl-1) Lactate (mmol l-1)
0 36.65a 11.67a 3.86a 77.81b 3.92a 2.33
10 32.38a 8.68b 2.86b 108.19a 3.86a 2.72
20 22.33b 6.06b 2.33bc 121.67a 3.17a 2.03
30 22.63b 5.77b 2.31b,c 108.88a 3.18a 2.23
40 20.50b 5.32b 1.67c 65.13b 2.10b 3.30
PSE* 2.31 0.47 0.28 8.21 0.28 0.59
Ht=Hematicrit; Hb=hemoglobin; TEC=Total erythrocyte count; TLC=Total leukocyte count; TPP=total plasma protein.
*PSE=Pooled standard error
Table 2: Hematological and Biochemical parameters of rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus exposed to various nitrite-N concentrations (0-50 mg l-1) for 56 days. Values in the same column sharing the same letter are not significantly different from each other.
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