Water/oxygen ratio DO (mg/L) CO2 (mg/L) pH Ammonia-N (mg/L)
10 L/40 L 6.14±0.04b 85.87±0.38a 5.63±0.05a 10.40±0.09c
12.5 L/37.5 L 6.37±0.03a 78.03±0.99b 6.35±0.16b 9.55±0.10b
15 L/35 L 6.21±0.03b 76.91±0.99b 6.40±0.03b 8.60±0.14a
Table 2: Effects of water/oxygen volume ratios on the water quality of plastic bags packed with grouper at 300/bag and 20ºC after 24 h.
Values are represented as mean ± S.E. Data in the same column with different letters are different (p<0.05) among treatments.