Packing density (fry/bag) DO (mg/L) CO2 (mg/L) pH Ammonia-N (mg/L)
200 8.44±0.12a 78.40±2.33c 6.59±0.07a 8.18±0.08d
300 6.35±0.05b 81.76±2.33c 6.28±0.04b 9.47±0.07c
400 5.04±0.10c 94.83±1.35b 5.83±0.06c 10.37±0.17b
500 4.36±0.08d 112.37±2.27a 5.48±0.03d 13.63±0.10a
Table 4: Effect of packing density on water quality in plastic bags packed with grouper at a water/oxygen ratio of 12.5 L/37.5 L and 20ºC after 24 h.
See Table 2 for statistical information.
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