Algal lipid
Algal species Reference
Mediterranean Sea Red Sea
  U. fasciata T. atomaria D. fasciola L. papillose G. cylindriea BHA BHT
60 25.09a 12.17a 66.45a 28.83a 22.81a 52.59a 51.25a
80 28.90b 14.50a 75.85b 32.81b 28.72b 72.25b 68.13b
100 39.47c 19.17b 90.88b 35.93c 32.97c 88.22c 88.44c
LSD 2.06 2.79 13.02 1.57 2.81 8.03 3.02
The mean (n=3) difference was significant at P ≤ 0.05
Table 7: Antioxidant activity of marine algae crude lipids assessed by DPPH radical.
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