Parameter Site I Site II
Microbiological analysis
Total Bacterial Count at 22°C (cfu ml-1)
2.3 x 104b 13.9 x 104a
Total Bacterial Count at 37°C (cfu ml-1) 3.1 x 104b 21.9 x 104a
Total Spore-Forming bacteria (cfu ml-1) 9a 7a
Total Coliform (MPN/100 ml) 350b 1600a
Fecal Coliform (MPN/100 ml) 50b 275a
Fecal Streptococcus (MPN/100 ml) 110a 110a
Salmonella sp (cfu ml-1) 2a 4a
Shigella sp (cfu ml-1) 30b 57a
E coli (cfu ml-1) 16b 35a
Physico-chemical analysis    
pH 8.01a 7.82b
EC (μm-1) 253b 259a
Total dissolved solids (mg l-1) 162.2b 165.7a
DO    (mg l-1) 2.04a 1.92b
BOD (mg l-1) 0.83b 1.06a
COD (mg l-1) 1.2b 2.4a
NO2-N (mg l-1) 0.012a 0.009b
NO3-N (mg l-1) 0.128a 0.097b
NH3-N (mg l-1) 0.091a 0.043b
Heavy metals (ppm)
Cu 0.26b 0.41a
Ni 1.81a 1.9a
Pb 2.63a 2.59a
Cd 1.04a 0.13b
Site I: before El-sail drain disposal point. Site II: after El-sail drain disposal point.
Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (p ≥ 0.05).
Table 1: Water quality of the both studied sites.
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