Figure 1: Multiple alignments of deduced amino acid sequences of PajCHS from P. japonica and representative insect species. Two types of CHSs from each of the diptera, D. melanogaster, DmCHS1 (NM_079509) and DmCHS2 (NM_079485); lepidopteran, M. sexta, MsCHS1 (AY062175) and MsCHS2 (AY821560); coleopteran, T. castaneum, TcCHS1 (AAQ55059) and TcCHS2 (AAQ55061) species. Putative transmembrane α helices (TMHs) are predicted by TMHMM server v. 2.0 (shaded). Three domains (A, B, C) are highlighted by pointed arrows and three conserved motifs (EDR, QRRRW, and SWGTR) are boxed with the broken line. Five TMHs near the catalytic domain are indicated by arabic numbers. Coiled-coil domains are boxed with solid line.
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