Figure 1: A and B: A light microscopic photomicrograph and drawing ofyoung ♀ C. kuwaitensis: (ventral view); Well developed mouth tube (mt);Ventral view of thorax and its appendages; Abdomen and its appendages.(Abbreviations:lun, lunules, an 1, 1st antenna; an 2, 2nd antenna, mx,maxillipeds; mt, mouth tube sf, sterna furca, mm, marginal membraneleg1-4,gc, genital complex; gpspermatophores pore, ab, abdomen, crcaudal ramus. V, vestigial appendages.scale bare 0.5 mm). C: Young ♀Caliguskuwaitensis, (A) 1st maxilla with serrated end (B) maxilliped (C) 2ndmaxilla (D). postantennary process with 2 sensilla near base; (E) sternalfurca is sharply pointed edges. (F-H) leg 1; (H) Endopode, (F) exopod tip ofleg 1; (J) leg 2; exopode end with spines on outer margin; (L) Exopod of 4th;(K) posterior end of abdomen Scale-bars: 0.5 mm.
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