Figure 3: Scanning electron micrograph of the intestine of tilapia fed diet with 300 g kg-1 DF. R: low magnification and L: high magnification.
The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of Oreochomisniloticus intestines is shown in Figures 1-3.
It is important to indicate that the entire samples of fish intestine which were fed 100 g kg-1 DF were lost during the analyses and could not recovered.
The intestinal villi from fish fed 0 g kg-1 DF (control group) were the smallest of all and the walls were the thinnest (Average width 793nm) as compared to those from fed 200 and 300 g kg-1 DF (average width 1.16 μm and 2.28 μm respectfully). In other words there were gradual increases in size, height and thickness of the intestinal villi of O. niloticus fingerlings as the level of DF in the test diets fed increased (Figures 1-3). Unfortunately the intestinal samples of fish fed 100 g kg-1 DF was lost, however, we can still get a clear idea of the effect of DF on the fish intestinal villi.
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