Treatment Initial weight(g) Final weight(g) Weight gain(g) TFC(g) ADG(g) SGR(g) FCR(g) PER(g) %Survival rate
1 15.60 60.50b 44.90b 85.12d 0.80b 0.024b 1.90d 0.99 80a
2 19.45 71.75a 52.30a 118.72a 0.93a 0.024b 2.26b 1.16a 70b
3 16.50 65.65b 49.15b 107.8b 0.88b 0.025a 2.14c 1.10b 75b
4 19.10 58.80c 39.75c 92.26c 0.71c 0.020d 2.32a 0.89d 65c
5 16.35 53.90c 37.55c 79.10c 0.67d 0.022c 2.10c 0.84d 80a
Table 6: Feed utilization and survival of Clarias fingerlings fed with five different diets for 56days
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