Reference Fish specie Probiotic/prebiotic Results
Rodriguez-Estrada et al [31] Ye et al [32]
Mehrabi et al [34]
Ai et al [35]
Geng et al [36]
O. mykiss
P. olivaceus
O. mykiss
L. crocea

R. canadum
E. faecalis/MOS, PHB   B. clausii/MOS, FOS   Biomin IMBO
(E. faecium/FOS) B. subtilis/FOS B. subtilis/Chitosan
↑ body weight, SGR, hematocrit value, phagocytic activity, phagocytic index, mucus production, ↓ mortality.
↑ body weight, WGR, ↓ FCR, CF, ↓
crude protein and lipid, ↓ lisozime, ↓ TG and LDL-C, ↓ protease and amylase activities
↓ body weight, body wieght gain, SGR, FCE, SR, ↓ crude protein, ↓ serum protein. ↓ SGR, FER, lisozime, SOD, ↓ mortality. ↓ SGR, lisozime, ACP, phacocytosis, respiratory burst, ↓ mortality.
Fish genera abbreviations: O. = Onchorhynchus, P. = Paralichtys, L. = Larimichthys,
R. = Rachycentron.
Bacterial genera abbreviations: E. = Enterococcus, B. = Bacillus.
Prebiotic abbreviations: PHB- plyhydroxybutyrate acid, MOS- Mannan oligosaccharide,
FOS- fructooligosaccharide.
SGR: specific growth rate, WGR: weight gain rate, FCR: feed conversion ratio; CF: condition factor; FER: feed efficiency ratio; TG: triglicerides, LDL-C: low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, SOD: superoxide-dismutase, ACP: alternative complement pathway.
Table 3: Summary of results obtained in fish synbiotic studies.
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