Ingredient (%)  
Fish meal 31.25
North Atlantic fish oil 13.50
Vegetable protein concentrates1 25.76
Vegetable oil 14.01
Carbohydrate-based binders2 13.00
Micro premixes3 2.48
Chemical composition (%)
Moisture 6.9
Protein4 44.2
Fat4 29.1
NFE4 1.6
Ash4 8.4
1Includes soy protein concentrate, pea protein concentrate, wheat gluten, sunflower meal.
2Includes wheat and pea starch
3Includes vitamin, mineral, amino acid and pigment premixes and 0.2 % EWOS prebiosal® added to the prebiotic diet (at the expense of an equal volume of carbohydrate- based binders)
4dry weight basis
Table 1: Dietary formulation and chemical composition of the experimental diets.
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