Fluctuating temperature between 24°C and 29°C Constant temperature at 24°C
Satiation feeding Regulated feeding Satiation feeding Regulated feeding
Cumulative mortality (%) 4a 3a 1b 0b
Prevalence of infection in spinal cord (%) 100 100 90 100
Detection rate of spores in bile (%) 30a 20a 80b 75b
Table 1: Mortality due to the myxosporean encephalomyelitis and percentage of infection with Myxobolus spirosulcatus in yellowtail kept with different temperature and feeding conditions. Infections in the spinal cord and bile were investigated by PCR and microscopy, respectively. Different letters (a and b) in the columns on the mortality and detection rate mean significant differences among different groups (P < 0.05; Ryan’s test).
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