1.    Complex nature of the study trial design
2.    Eligibility criteria for subject recruitment is too specific
3.    Due to randomization there is no confirmation for access to the new treatment for participants
4.    Participant feel the compensation given is low
5.    Stay in the hospital
6.    Negative impact from the media
7.    The quantity and frequency of blood collected for analysis threaten the subjects
8.    Lack of awareness about the clinical trial
9.    Less patient recruitment period given to investigators
10.  Stipulated interval of three months for participation in various trials
11.  Selecting a site in, inappropriate epidemiological area
12.  Many trials taking place in same area in the same period
13.  Large sample size
14.  Inconvenient schedule of clinic visits for subjects
15.  Local cultural practices (fasting on Friday, full moon day, festival restrictions for travel etc)
16.  Education of subject and his family members
17.  Migration of subject after screening
18.  People conducting trial being unaware of the local language (in rural and in tribal areas)
19.  In case of rare disease
20.  Female subject becoming pregnant between screening and recruitment
21.  Family events (death, illness of family members)
22.  Distance between site and residence of the subject
23.  Fear of taking a new drug
24.  Sudden withdrawal of subject after screening (for personnel reasons)
25.  Inter current illness after screening
Table 1: Questionnaire to assess barriers in subject recruitment for clinical trials
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