Question Yes
n (%)
No n (%) No response n (%)
Do you think that the consent process at your clinic now is enough for the participants to understand the consent forms provided and the details of the trial? 7 (70) 3 (30)  
In general, do you think that participants in clinical trials are aware of their medical responsibilities prior to signing the consent form? 9 (90) 1 (10)  
Do your patients understand that they should inform the doctor or nurses about any other medication that they take before or during the trial, even from a pharmacy or a traditional healer? 7 (70) 2 (20) 1 (10)
Do you think the participants in a clinical trial take their medication exactly as they are told to do? 7 (70) 3 (30)  
If NO, do you think the book can help you explain the importance of this to them? 3 (30)    
Do patients ever ask you what a placebo is during the consent process? 5 (50) 4 (40) 1 (10)
If YES, do you think that you know about a placebo well enough to explain it properly? 4 (40) 1 (10)  
Do you think the speaking book explains the concept of a placebo enough? 6 (60) 4 (40)  
Do you usually tell the patient that they can stop the clinical trial at any time? 10 (100) 0 (0)  
Does the book tell the patient clearly enough that they can stop the clinical trial at any time? 9 (90) 1 (10)  
Do you think that the person who explains the information sheet and consent form to the patient has enough time to make sure that the patient completely understands all the information? 6 (60) 4 (40)  
Do you think that the consent process would be easier if the patient was asked to read the book first on their own? 9 (90) 1 (10)  
Do you think that the information in the book gives all the information needed to make a decision about participating? 3 (30) 0 (0)  
Do you think the book should include any other information we have forgotten? 3(30) 7(70)  
At what time do you think that the books should be given to the new person applying for the trial?
At time of first visit to the research clinic
At time of first talk about clinical trial
4 (40)
6 (60)
Do you think that each participant should be given a speaking book to take home before agreeing to participate in a clinical trial? 9 (90) 1 (10)  
If you were going through screening or informing a patient about a clinical trial, in addition to normal practices which do you think would help a participant more?
Speaking Book
10 (100)
0 (0)
Table 4: Summary of Health Professionals responses to questions about the Speaking Book.
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