Steps Description
Step 1 PARTAKE survey of knowledge and perceptions of clinical research Public survey to assess knowledge and perceptions of clinical research and inform education, public awareness, and participant protection programs
Step 2 Stakeholder collaborations Collaborations with industry, health care providers, academia, regulatory, patient advocacy groups, media, and the public at large [68]
Step 3 Development of awareness and engagement programs Educational programs will be created to address the knowledge and awareness gaps identified in the survey
Step 4 Research on PARTAKE impact Research on impact of PARTAKE educational programs on public knowledge and awareness of clinical research
Step 5 Research on PARTAKE impact on clinical research Research on impact of changing public knowledge, awareness, and attitudes on clinical research
Step 6 Enhancing clinical research programs Development of “participant protection” and “public-friendly” clinical research programs
Step 7 Development of an endorsement and rating/scoring program Establishing a rating/scoring program that includes representatives of all stakeholders involved in clinical research–to grade research operations for their “participant protection” and “public-friendly” properties and establish a process for endorsement and improvement of research operations
PARTAKE, Public Awareness of Research for Therapeutic Advancements through Knowledge and Empowerment.
Table 4: PARTAKE Program Steps.
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