Lack of public trust in investigators, sponsors, and regulators

Engage the public/community; invite patients/public to participate in clinical research decision-making; empower, partner, and establish transparency in clinical research operations; establish research participant bill of rights

Fragmentation of the research environment

Establish a comprehensive public relations strategy; improve communication amongst stakeholders; use common language; engage the media; hold “open-house” activities; engage community advocates

Myths and misconceptions

Increase awareness, educate, and reduce stigma; establish community advocates (members of the community who are informed about research and motivated to bridge the gap between the community and the research establishment)


Establish a self-sustaining model; identify partners and sponsors; provide services to research sites and activist organizations; apply for grants from government, NGO, and industry groups

PARTAKE, Public Awareness of Research for Therapeutic Advancements through Knowledge and Empowerment; NGO, non-governmental organization
Table 5: Challenges Facing PARTAKE Initiative and Proposed Solutions.
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